Claire’s Quest

Claire’s Quest è un gioco di ruolo per adulti altamente interattivo e non lineare, ambientato in un’ambientazione dark fantasy ispirata al primo Rinascimento e realizzato utilizzando
RPGMaker MV. A differenza della maggior parte dei giochi RPGMaker in circolazione, tuttavia, questo gioco è totalmente privo di qualsiasi forma di combattimento o macinazione.
Ciò che separa un gioco per adulti dal semplice porno è l’input del giocatore. Eppure, se hai mai giocato a qualsiasi tipo di gioco per adulti,
a volte potresti pensare che, indipendentemente dal tuo input, il gioco sia progredito esattamente allo stesso modo.



Year: November 2021
Platform: PC/Windows all/Linux
Genre:Adventure, RPG, Rpg, Adventure, Female protagonist, Big tits, Anal, Blowjob, Groped, Oral sex, BDSM, Torture, Sexual training, Whipped, Humilation, Milking, Futa on female, Interracial, Old man, Monsters, Fantasy, Warrior, Hypnosis, Spanking, Futa, Vaginal sex, Handjob, Paranormal, Group sex, Lesbian, Double penetration
Developer / Publisher: Dystopian Project
Publication Type: In Progress
File size:1.2Gb

Changelog Ver.0.22.5:
• The opening quest of the Showgirls Questline, “The Tenants”, can now be completed after meeting Farrow and Travers.
• “The Good Doctor” minor quest can now be fully completed, along with the option to turn in Genevieve to the Revilliers instead of siding with her.
This will additionally lead onto the “The Breeding Game” quest, a placeholder for future content revolving around Genevieve creating more chimeras;
this is contingent upon Claire owning the Chemont Breeding Ranch however. Comes with the new Genevieve x Jillian x Chimera scene.
• Added a new scene/quest, the Manticore Tail Experiment, in Aiyana’s Lab as part of the Alchemist Questline.
• Upon popular request, added the WASD movement system which works to move the character alongside arrow keys and mouse clicks.
• Added a Stash system to complement the new weighted inventory system! Stashes can be found at any inn, as well as at any home or building that Claire owns.
They have global effect, and allow players to drop off items so they don’t walk around over-encumbered or get forced to throw away items to reduce weight.
• Fixed a bug with the Sisters of Fertility “Harvest Festival” quest, where the quest-starter would remain behind at the Bullpen in Chemont,
allowing the event to re-fire pointlessly.
• FINALLY fixed the bug porting Claire into the sea out of the Salty Slattern, FOR GOOD this time, fingers crossed.
• Fixed Jillian and Albe’s sprites remaining in the Valos Garrison building even if you side with Genevieve in “The Good Doctor”.
• Minor typos and text consistency issues fixed, too many minor ones to list individually.

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