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Bangerlands 3 – the parody for adults that improves on the original

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All the sex you always wanted in Borderlands 3, and much more in this adult parody

The latest BorderLands was a hugely successful game. Not only did it come with impressive gameplay, characterized by an interplanetary adventure, but also with amazing graphics.

The characters stood out. They were truly realistic and engaging. And it was only a matter of time before someone made an adult XXX version of the game. The parody is called Bangerlands 3 and is probably one of the best adult parody games of the moment.

It features modern graphics, it is programmed in HTML5 and has amazing sex scenes. But what makes it special is a captivating storyline. The storyline is similar to that of the original games, but it has a couple of twists to complement as many wild sex scenes as possible. I'm not going to spoil your surprise, but I'll tell you a thing or two about the game at the end of this Bangerlands review 3.

Thanks to HTML5, you can play on virtually any device: mobile phones, tablet, laptop e computer desktop. It's not just accessibility that matters, but this is essential for creating a fantastic game, without the need to download anything.

There are many elements at play: animations, the plot, the gameplay e, of course, the most interesting characters in the best scenes.

Come in Borderlands 3, in this adult parody there is a myriad of fantastic hunters who have driven fans crazy. Some of the characters talk about naked women and sexuality, but there is no full hardcore action in the original game.

Bangerlands 3 is the solution. Whether you are looking to make money and have group sex, to gain prestige and power, or to test your erotic talents, this is the game for you.

One of the things I love about the game is that the characters seem to be pulled out of the best games in the world. There are a variety of occasions to have extreme hardcore action as well as sensual interactions with the characters.

Take a minute to reflect on your favorite characters in Borderlands games. Tiny Tina, Moxxie and the others, it would be nice if they got together, right? This is not a problem in Bangerlands 3.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of softcore movies, erotic movies, rough erotic movies or BDSM videos, here you can recreate them with your favorite characters.

As you progress through the game, the scenes become more wild and outrageous. If you've ever fantasized about being at a party where you're not sure who was fucking who, you will see your fantasy materialize on the screen.

How is the game?

There are many games that have complex controls, but the best games have a navigation system that is quick and easy to learn. The controls in this adult parody are easy to use, and learning to move requires minimal learning time.

Bangerlands 3 it also has some open world elements, so exploring can be a lot of fun. Ma, despite the fact that the game is an open world, some objectives must be accomplished before you can move on to specific sections of the game.

Goals include not only progressing the storyline, but also being able to experience incredible erotic scenes along the way. After all, fucking is a great way to relieve stress, and people in tense situations will find much relief from having an orgasm…

Life can't always be about fighting the bad guys, right? Luckily for you, there are a lot of horny people ready to get involved in sex games in this adult game.

It doesn't matter if you are a fan of huge boobs or small boobs, anal or pussy, this game has it all. Some will even get attached to a character and will often come back to have sex with that character.

However, you shouldn't get too distracted by the erotic side, there is always a plot to follow, memories? And I assure you that the game is long and fun, especially if you get to that incredible last scene…

How much is this adult parody?

This 3D porn game has a free trial of 2 days.
To register, you will need your email address and credit card. The registration process is simple and straightforward. Simply answer a few questions about your gaming preferences and sexual preferences and choose what you want to do inside, for example to fuck 1 O 3 girls at once, etc.

The subscription also offers you some bonuses in the form of free porn videos, live webcams and more.

Game updates are done in the background so as not to disturb the players.


  • Free trial of 2 days, then automatic debit a $ 39,95/month until termination
  • The credit card is required for age verification!

Characteristics of the subscription

  • As a bonus you will have access to an adult games portal with hundreds of porn games.
  • The Bangerlands subscription 3 it also includes free access to thousands of HD sex videos, live webcam feed and virtual reality video.
  • No download or installation is required. You can play directly in your web browser.
  • There is only one payment option: Credit card.
  • The billing is secure and is not attributable to the 3D porn game!

Bangerlands 3: pros and cons of this adult parody


  • Top-notch HQ game
  • Addicting gameplay
  • Wow animation
  • Dedicati al mainstream


  • Few side games, but they are great


Some websites have a large collection of lower quality games, perfect for some people. If you are the type of person who is looking for something a little bit’ more complex, Bangerlands 3 is for you.

Come per Borderlans 3, even this adult parody takes a while’ time to get used to, but after a short time you are ready to go get yourself some’ of pussy and ass. The characters are attractive and the game clips built into the game are great. Live free and fuck hard!

What are you waiting for? Click and start playing Bangerland 3!

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